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Released to Soar by Peter and Eleanor Boelens

Released to Soar describes the Boelens' healing prayer Process and demonstrates its practice-for readers'...

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Shalom Prayer Ministry

Welcome to the Shalom Prayer Ministry Home Page! The site is currently under development and we should be up and running in no time!


For 49 years, physician Peter Boelens and his wife Eleanor have been helping the poor medically and spiritually around the world. Their focus is community and spiritual health beginning in postwar South Korea; Cary Christian Health Center in the delta of Mississippi; indigenous, worldwide community health ministries through the Luke Society; and Shalom Prayer Ministry, a psycho-spiritual healing prayer ministry.


For the past ten years, they have been practicing a new treatment for depression and anxiety – healing prayer that invites Christ into painful memories. These prayers separate hurtful memories from their negative emotions enabling individuals to move forward with their lives. A scientific study documents the effectiveness of these prayers and a recently published book, Released to Soar, describes the healing prayer process and demonstrates its practice – for readers’ personal use or to help others. The scientific study and Released to Soar can be obtained through this website.


We welcome those of you with emotional wounding as well as others to our website since it is designed to give insights not only into the healing of the soul but also how to maintain your spiritual, mental and physical health.


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