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About Us

Peter Boelens

Peter was born into a Christian family and as long as he can remember had a desire to help those in need. He attended Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, for three years, enrolled in the University of Illinois School of Medicine and was married after completing a one year rotating internship at Cook County Hospital in Chicago. He and his wife, Eleanor, remained in the States for one year during which time Peter took six months of training in various subspecialties at Cook County Hospital and also a semester at Moody Bible Institute.


In 1961 they began their community health programs in postwar South Korea in the slums of Seoul, the islands off of Inchon and remote country villages surrounding Seoul. In 1967 their work was turned over to indigenous Korean funding and management. The health of communities and individuals was markedly improved and in the process 15 indigenous churches were established. All these churches continue to the present and many are sending missionaries to other parts of the world.


Peter and Eleanor returned to the USA in 1967 for Peter’s training in Pediatrics and Public Health at the University of Minnesota. During his stay at the University, Peter developed a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Program for the School of Public Health.


In 1970 Peter and Eleanor began a Community Health Practice in the delta of Mississippi, Cary Christian Health Center. He was on the faculty of the University Of Mississippi School Of Medicine where he developed a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner program to serve the poor and medically marginalized in the state. He also became Maternal Child Health Director for the public health system in the South Delta. Through his community approach the Infant Mortality Rate (number of infants dying in the first year of life) among black infants became as low as our national average for all races and has remained so for the past 15 years. His book, Delta Doctor, describes these experiences in a vivid way and can be obtained through this website. (Book proceeds go to the continuing Cary Christian Center ministry.)


In 1979 Peter became Executive Director of The Luke Society, an organization of Christian health professionals committed to the physical and spiritual health of individuals and their communities worldwide. Indigenous health ministries were developed in 15 countries with unique ministry partnership linkages in the USA with physicians and business owners. The people stories of how this all came into being is related in the book, Where Next, Lord? (Book proceeds go to the continuing international work of The Luke Society with offices in Sioux Falls, S.D.)


In 1999 the Boelens retired from The Luke Society which continued to fund their new ministry in healing prayer. With the effectiveness of these prayers demonstrated through a scientific study and the process of healing described in Released to Soar, the Boelens are being led of God to address a large frustration of many physicians in primary care – patients coming to them with physical ills that have their origins in traumas to their soul or psyche. These ills cannot be cured with a pill. There needs to be a healing in this area of their lives. This website will keep you informed as to what we are learning both through client experiences and scientific inquiry.


Eleanor Vander Vliet Boelens

Peter's High School Graduation Photo!

Eleanor was also born into a Christian family in a town in northwestern Indiana which was a few miles down the road from Lansing, Illinois where her future husband had been born four years earlier. By the time she entered Illiana Christian High School, Peter had preceded her to Calvin College. However, she saw his photo as a senior in the previous school yearbook, and later says she “fell in love with him immediately!” It took his sister who was Eleanor’s classmate and college roommate to introduce them on the tennis court during her college days. Again, Peter had left the college she entered and was busy in medical school in Chicago.


In 1960, after her graduation from college with a BA degree and a teacher’s certificate, they were married. Eleanor felt called by God to missionary service as a young girl, so with hearts that were alike, after one year of teaching third grade in the school she had attended in Highland, Indiana, they set off for South Korea. During this time their first two daughters were born. The third was born during Peter’s residency in Minnesota and the fourth after they had moved to Vicksburg, Mississippi.


Eleanor’s “missionary” service during these years was mostly teaching Bible stories to children. In Vicksburg she began a summer Community Bible School in the downtown area and after some years with faithful Christian coworkers from the black and white churches, saw the two week program expand to 200 children in five departments with weekly Good News Clubs held in many neighborhoods throughout the school year. Now, 30 years later, their prayer room is across the street from one of the Community Bible School sites.


Eleanor and Peter’s family has expanded to include two granddaughters—and seven grandsons! Peter always told Korean friends, “The boys will come later.” And they did. The couple now spends their time in Mississippi and Michigan.