Released to Soar - by Dr. Peter and Eleanor Boelens with Maureen Rank

For ten years, physician Peter Boelens and his wife Eleanor have been practicing a new treatment for depression and anxiety-healing prayer that invites Christ into clients' painful memories. Clients still remember past hurtful events, but their pain is gone. Released to Soar describes the Boelens' healing prayer process, documents its effectiveness, and demonstrates its practice-for readers' personal use or to help others.

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Where Next, Lord? - by Dr. Peter Boelens with Maureen Rank

Where Next, Lord?, the second book about the Boelens' ministry, follows Peter and Eleanor as God leads them, in sometimes startling and miraculous fashion, to help Christians in the developing world who share Peter's vision of touching lives through healthcare and the Gospel of Christ. The Luke Society continues this vibrant, global collaboration. Originally published by The Luke Society.

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Delta Doctor - by Dr. Peter Boelens

In 1970 Peter and Eleanor began a Community Health Practice in the delta of Mississippi, Cary Christian Health Center. He was on the faculty of the University Of Mississippi School Of Medicine where he developed a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner program to serve the poor and medically marginalized in the state. He also became Maternal Child Health Director for the public health system in the South Delta.

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