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Released to Soar by Peter and Eleanor Boelens

Released to Soar describes the Boelens' healing prayer Process and demonstrates its practice-for readers'...

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Luke Society

Peter and Eleanor stand with Judith and Francis MAcNutt, founders and directors of Christian Healing Ministry

The Luke Society is an International Christian health ministry committed to community health and wholistic care interwoven with evangelism and discipleship. Its ministries are implemented through national Christian health professionals with this same vision of service. How does healing prayer fit into such a ministry?


Around the world physicians are being bombarded by individuals with physical illnesses and mental disorders whose root causes are found in hurtful life events that have damaged their souls or psyches. In these cases pills are not the answer because they are unable to heal the wounds of the psyche. The wonderful thing is that God can heal through prayer. A medical study reprinted in this website documents the effectiveness of prayer on two of the most prominent mental disorders in the world and a book Released to Soar explains the how and why of their effectiveness from both a God and scientific perspective.


Peter talks with new Luke Society director Dr. Wrede Vogel

We are indebted to the Luke Society for providing the funds for this research and ministry. They have the same commitment as we – bringing individuals and their communities into the wholeness that only Jesus can provide.


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